Randomness Happens

Crowd It Forward is a non-profit foundation that brings people together to respond to the needs of individuals in difficult circumstances and to reward those who deserve recognition through random acts of crowdfunding. One person can make a difference. A few people with coordinated efforts can make a bigger difference. A crowd of people coming together and spreading the word can change lives, outcomes, the way people think and act – and ultimately – the world.

We invite you to get involved, whether it’s publicly or anonymously. Practice random acts of kindness on your own. Send us stories for our blog, or post them on our Facebook page. Donate money to Crowd It Forward projects. Spread the word and ask friends, family, and your social network followers to get involved. Contact us if you know a person or group that could benefit from random acts of crowdfunding so we can start a project.

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Crowd It Forward

The world can seem chaotic, rife with bad news. With headlines about economic woes, avoidable tragedies, natural disasters and innocent victims, it’s easy to feel disenchanted and powerless. But there are also stories that aren’t sensational enough for the media to report: random acts of kindness by complete strangers.


Every Revolution Needs A Renegade

ClickStartMe launched in 2013 to revolutionize crowdfunding. Now we’re moving the revolution forward with Crowd It Forward.

ClickStartMe began with a simple desire: we wanted to restore the American Dream.

We waited, along with everyone else, for the economy to recover, or turn itself around, or for someone to fix it. We listened (often after trying unsuccessfully to tune it out) to political posturing and partisan blame for years, but saw few improvements in the situation for small businesses. We got tired of hearing stories of phenomenal ideas that were going nowhere because of the bad economy, and dreams that weren’t taking flight because traditional funding sources had dried up. Instead of giving in to disenchantment about how to fix our economic problems or joining the blame game, we decided to be proactive. So we started ClickStartMe – a crowdfunding platform that allows almost anyone to fund their ideas and dreams.

A brief introduction

This is us, in a nutshell. If single sentence “meet and greets” aren’t really your style, click any of the images below for a more substantial introduction.

Kendall AlmericoFounder
Kendall is a board certified trial attorney who is also a full-time entrepreneur because he thinks that “just” being a lawyer is boring.
Tess HottenrothFounder
Tess is an entrepreneur, a waif, and a hermit at heart.
Frank RobertsonBoard Member
Frank is an Emmy Award winning anchor and reporter who has 36 years of experience of asking tough questions and getting answers.
Kathy FountainBoard Member
Kathy is a former long-time anchor and talk show host on WTVT, the Fox affiliate in Tampa Bay.